The YAY Team!

Natalie Rose Schwartz

Natalie Rose is a second semester junior in Calhoun College, studying English and education studies. She came to yoga from a dance (mostly ballet) background, and has been practicing for about 4 years. She took a semester off from Yale in fall of 2015, during which time she completed her RYT 200-hour teacher training with Tribe Yoga in Goa, India. Her classes are Vinyasa flow with a strong Ashtanga influence, and she enjoys focusing on breath work and proper alignment of fundamental postures. 

Tess Hamilton 
Special Events Coordinator

Tess Hamilton is a Senior in Pierson College who is interested in poetry, photography, hiking, meditation, and Yoga.  Tess has been practicing yoga for over five years and received a CYT-200 in Hatha Yoga from Shoshoni Yoga Ashram two years ago.  For Tess, yoga is a philosophy that influences every aspect of her life well beyond the physical practice, and allows her to always return to a grounded place no matter what is happing in her life.  Her teaching style offers classes to challenge everyone from beginner to experienced Yogis and has an emphasis on core strengthening and balancing deep work in postures with invigorating movements to strengthen both the body and mind.  Tess believes that there are as many paths of Yoga as there are Yogis, and hopes to help her students and fellow Yalies to discover a practice that is right for them.

Mila Chadayammuri

Mila is a graduate student in the Astronomy department and is all about playing. Her practice is rooted in Hatha to ensure proper alignment and encourage mindfulness through meditation, allowing a smooth and engaging flow. She aims to lead classes open to all levels of experience that make you giggle and supple at the same time, and is always happy to chat after. 

Leila Murphy

Leila is a sophomore in Morse from New York City. She has been doing yoga since her mom enrolled her in classes for toddlers, but she just got her 200-hour certification at Kripalu this past summer. She loves taking (and leading) challenging but slow-paced vinyasa classes. Her class will make you sweat, but will also emphasize proper alignment and save plenty of time for relaxation. She has recently developed a love for restorative yoga, so that might also show up in some of her classes :) Outside of yoga, she loves hiking, reading, running, and sleeping. Athletes and runners especially -- feel free to ask her questions about yoga poses for tight/sore muscles! 

Abby Snyder

Abby is a graduate student at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies. She has been practicing yoga for the last seven years and teaching yoga for the last three years at a variety of different studios and as an adjunct instructor at Allegany College of Maryland. By integrating body, breath, movement, meditative awareness, and groovy music, her Vinyasa flow classes seek to inspire a deeper practice that rejuvenates and refreshes. Modifications will be taught and individual posture variations are encouraged to support a practice that is completely your own.  

Jackie Cloud

Jackie is a senior in Calhoun studying Film and Media. While she was in Los Angeles last summer, she received her 200-hour RYT yoga certification from CorePower Yoga in Westwood. Jackie’s sequence focus on body control, moving meditation, and core strength, so get ready to sweat!

Jamie Jiwon Sun
Jamie is a classical musician and a graduate student at the Yale School of Music. She was first brought to yoga back in the time her mother owned a Bikram yoga studio, and she continued her yoga practice in Boston, NYC, and New Haven CT over 7 years. Jamie completed her RYT 200-hour teacher training with Dana Trixie Flynn at Laughing Lotus Yoga Center NYC. Her Lotus Flow classes focus on unleashing a deep body-soul connection in the authentic and classical style of yoga practice. Jamie's devoted to creating a safe space for people to let loose and challenge themselves on a physical and emotional level. 

Claire Hu
Claire is a freshman in Saybrook. While thoroughly undecided as of yet, she is considering majoring in cognitive science. Restorative yoga is the form she enjoys leading the most. She found yoga her freshman year of high school, and it has really helped her as an outlet for stress from all areas of her life, and also as a prime opportunity to explore within herself. During her junior year of high school, she decided she loved it so much she wanted to do the RYT 200-hour certification. Claire Diab at the American Yoga Academy helped her accomplish this goal and she is so excited to bring her love of yoga to Yogis at Yale!

Daria Ricchi

Daria is a Postdoctoral Associate in the History of Art Department. She is a 500 hour certified yoga teacher. A dancer, and a former fencer, Daria discovered yoga in 2002, and it completed her life since then. She has a Ph.D. in History and Theory of Architecture from Princeton University where she has been teaching yoga and anatomy of the movement before moving to New Haven. She studied kinesthetic and ideokinesis with Irene Dowd (Julliard School NY) and Alexander Technique with Rachel Bernsen. These somatic movement techniques inform her teaching and sequences. She is completing her training in Yin Yoga and she is also a 650 hour certified Ayurveda Counselor from the Kripalu School of Ayurveda. She is a fellow of Silliman College.